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Canadian Diagnostic Codes - The Semilunar Valves and Coronary Arteries

  08010 Other anomaly of the arterial root(s) (specify)
T32 08020** Truncus arteriosus
T321 08021** Truncus arteriosus type 1 - common origin of main PA and aorta
T322 08022** Truncus arteriosus types 2&3 - separate origins of RPA & LPA
T335 08036 Truncal valve stenosis
T336 08038 Truncal valve regurgitation
V63 30001 Truncus arteriosus repair
C152 08110 Unruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm
C151 08120 Ruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm
C153 24140 Patch closure of sinus of Valsalva aneurysm
T812 08130 Aortico - left ventricular tunnel
T813 08140 Aortico - right ventricular tunnel
T822 08327 Supravalvular aortic stenosis
V625 29110 Repair of supravalvular aortic stenosis
J52 07520 Subpulmonary obstruction
  08200 Other Pulmonary valve anomaly (specify)
T833 08220 Pulmonary stenosis (nature not specified)
T831 08221 Valvular pulmonary stenosis
E31 08221S Mild pulmonic stenosis
E32 08221M Moderate pulmonic stenosis
E33 08221L Severe pulmonic stenosis
V611 33000 Open pulmonary valvotomy
V612 33010 Closed pulmonary valvotomy
V613 33015 Pulmonary valvotomy (nature unspecified)
V614 22001 Balloon dilation of pulmonary valve
V516 33030 Patch enlargement of pulmonary valve annulus
T832 08227 Supravalvular pulmonary stenosis 
V615 32000 Patch enlargement of main pulmonary artery
T834 08230 Pulmonary atresia
T632 07540** Tetralogy of Fallot 
T835 08240 Pulmonary valve regurgitation
E42 08240S Mild pulmonary regurgitation (2+)
E43 08240M Moderate pulmonary regurgitation (3+)
E44 08240L Severe pulmonary regurgitation (4+)
T836 08241** Absent pulmonary valve
E7 33050 Mechanical pulmonary valve replacement
E6 33060 Bioprosthetic pulmonary valve replacement (porcine or pericardial)
E8 33070 Homograft pulmonary valve replacement
E87 33091 Prosthetic pulmonary stenosis
E69 33093 Prosthetic pulmonary regurgitation
    Paravalvular pulmonary regurgitation
  38314 Oversewn pulmonary valve
  08301 Other Aortic valve anomaly (specify)
C26 08311 Bicuspid aortic valve
C264 08311P Probable bicuspid aortic valve
C3 08321 Valvular aortic stenosis
C31 08321S Mild aortic stenosis
C32 08321M Moderate aortic stenosis
C33 08321L Severe aortic stenosis
C34 08321CR Critical aortic stenosis
V622 29000 Open aortic valvotomy
V623 29010 Closed aortic valvotomy
V621 29015 Aortic valvotomy (nature unspecified)
V63 22008 Balloon dilation of aortic valve
V628 29040 Konno procedure (patch enlargement of aortic valve annulus through infundibular septum)
T822 08327 Supravalvular aortic stenosis
T632 08327S Mild supravalvular aortic stenosis
T633 08327M** Moderate supravalvular aortic stenosis
T634 08327L** Severe supravalvular aortic stenosis
V625 29110 Repair of supravalvular aortic stenosis
T825 08340 Aortic valve regurgitation
C42 08340S Mild aortic regurgitation (2+)
C425 08340SM Mild to moderate aortic regurgitation (2-3+)
C43 08340M Moderate aortic regurgitation (3+)
C435 08340ML Moderate to severe aortic regurgitation (3-4+)
C44 08340L Severe aortic regurgitation (4+)
T824 08343 Aortic valve prolapse
C6 29060 Mechanical aortic valve replacement
C55 29070 Bioprosthetic aortic valve replacement (porcine or pericardial)
C8 29071 Pulmonary autograft (Ross) / root replacement
C56 29080 Homograft aortic valve replacement
V624 29090 Aortic valvuloplasty
C57 29130 Prosthetic aortic stenosis
C58 29150 Prosthetic aortic regurgitation
C59 29160 Paravalvular aortic regurgitation
C8 C8 Paravalvular aortic abscess
  38313 Oversewn aortic valve
  08401 Other coronary artery anomaly (specify)
R4 08461 Normal coronary arteries
T461 08404 Both coronary arteries arise from right aortic sinus
T462 08405 Both coronary arteries arise from left aortic sinus
R43 08408** Left coronary artery arises from pulmonary trunk
T463 08418 Single left coronary artery (absent right)
T464 08419 Single right coronary artery (absent left)
T472 08420 Coronary artery(ies) branch(es) course between aorta and main PA
T465 08421 Left coronary artery branch arising anomalously from right coronary artery
T467 08422 LAD arises from the right coronary
R5 08431 Coronary artery fistula
T661 08432 Coronary artery - cameral fistula 
T662 08435 Coronary artery - pulmonary artery fistula
R6 08436 Coronary arteriovenous malformation
R1 08439 Coronary artery aneurysm(s) associated with Kawasaki syndrome
R4 08461 Normal coronary angiography
V71 25000 Coronary artery surgery / unspecified
V714 25001 Coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG)
V715 25300 Repair of coronary artery fistula
V711 25400 Repair of coronary artery aneurysm
  25000* Other coronary artery surgery (specify)
V712 25180 Reimplantation of coronary artery(ies) into aorta
** = Priority Patients for CACH Network follow-up.
Italicized portions are therapeutic initiatives.